The home screen gives you the summary of your activities for the day, week or month.

It also shows you your active step count totals.


From the Alert page you can change how the alerts function… Press the > to the right of the alert you want to work with.

The application allows you to set the type of reoccurring alert, via step count, number of hours or the number of times in the day.

Step1 Pick a method
Times/day, Steps, or Hours

Then chose that setting to adjust the interval.

You can control the overall alert setting and turn it off if you don't want to work on that aspect.


The over all setting section allows you to turn the alert sounds on and off. Set the sound for the alert.
Set up the email frequency so you can share your success with your healthcare provider or friends and family.

Set when the application is active, also set the snooze timing and reset the alerts and pedometer.

Set the custom alert to get you moving, go for a walk, do 10 pushups, call your mom, or take your medicine etc...

The Custom alert works the same as the others; you just get to pick the activity.

The custom alert can also be programmed for athletes wanting to do interval training while running or walking. Let's say 20 push ups every ½ mile or 1000 steps. Or Sprints every ¼ mile..

When setting the pedometer it is important to first measure your stride. Use a ruler on the floor to find the length, and then set the sensitivity. The sensitivity needs adjusting depending on where you keep your iPhone / iPod.

The step count ties the alerts to the pedometer and lets you set up an alert to tell you to drink water every 2000 steps or 1 mile. This is an excellent way to remember to hydrate during those long walks or training runs.

Use the Mylil'Coach, walk the recommended steps per day, follow the prompts and begin to form those healthy habits to build a better you.


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