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As a fellow nutrition consultant, I know that clients need more than information to establish better eating and exercise habits. Mylil'coach offers the just the right dose of motivational support to keep them focused on their goals and the new behaviors that will help them achieve those goals."

Robyn Flipse, MS, RD Registered Dietitian & Cultural Anthropologist

“Since I cannot motivate myself, I have now been using the Mylil'Coach every day. I have become the better me that I always knew I could!“
--I. Wilde, age 42

Customer Reviews

Great Little App 

Great app for helping me manage my weight. I particularly like the reminders to drink water. Drinking water often, even before I'm thirsty, helps me not feel hungry and keeps away the temptation to eat things I shouldn't!

Great potential! 

I love the reminders. I wish that it would push through and notify me of my reminders even when I am not on the program! I like the fact that I can add custom reminders....those are very helpful for numerous things!! Emailing me the activity log helps me keep track on my computer of things that I have done. The step count is a little sensitive, but after playing with it, I think I have it pretty accurate. Had no problem loading it onto my iphone. Great little program!!!

Great tool to help with behavior change 

Love this app for myself and my patients. The gentle reminders keeps us all on track with our healthy behaviors.

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