Building the Better You

Developing a healthy lifestyle takes work and consistency, using the Mylil’Coach application can help you become conscious of the changes needed.  All too often we have good intentions to change but lack the consistency in our actions to enforce that change. By utilizing the Mylil’Coach application to remind of these important first steps in making that healthy lifestyle change.

·         Drinking water, we know we should do it, we know how much but how many of us actually follow through

·         Deep Breathing; reducing stress in our lives is more important now than ever before. Mylil’Coach will remind you to stop an take five minutes to quietly deep breath.

·         Eat mindfully; the frenetic pace of the world today distracts us from the important parts of life. Stopping to enjoy your food is so important to realizing what you are eating. Mylil’Coach gives that little reminder that eating mindfully is the firs step to healthier eating habits.

·         Walking and exercise; are important parts of the healthy you equation, the Mylil’Coach application has a pedometer to track your daily steps and you can schedule the customer reminder to prompt you to go take a walk.  


A Day With Mylil’Coach


Woke up, got out of bed, ran a comb across my head… And then I opened Mylil’Coach to track my day.


We all have our routines and creating a healthy routine that fits your busy lifestyle is not always easy. The following is a recommended use and set up for the Mylil’Coach app.





Wake up

Early to bed, early to rise… well, you get the picture. Studies show that getting to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time makes your body happy.






Hey … Studies have shown that Coffee has benefits beyond just waking you up.




You have to look good if you want to be great. Plus you smell better!




One of the most important things you can do for yourself. Have a breakfast high in protein to stave off those hunger pains throughout the morning.


Check Email

You know you do it…


Start Mylil’Coach



By setting the active times in Mylil’Coach to 8:00 am to 6:00 PM you can set the Eat Mindfully Alert to trigger every 4 hrs Reminding to eat healthy before lunch and dinner.  If you chose 2 times a day then it will split the 10 hours in 2 and trigger every 5 hours.



All settings are retained when you press the Done button on the Alert setting page.


Your goal for water intake is 64 ounces of water… That is a lot but spread it out over the day.


Set the water alert to every 2 hours. This keeps the notion of water intake present in your mind.



The Deep Breathing is best set for intervals that are relevant for your life.

If you have teenagers, toddlers, or work in Air Traffic Control. Set the alert for every 200 steps… You may hyperventilate but you could use the escape.


But seriously, set it up so that you get the greatest benefit. Using the 200 steps method will trigger an alert often if you are somewhat active.

Or set it up for every 4 hours if you’re a normal person.  Take 10 deep breaths when the alert pops up, close your eyes and take a short break. Go to your happy place.



Set the Eat Mindfully alert every 4 hours. If your start and stop times are set for 8:00 to 6:00 it will trigger at 12 noon and 4 pm.



We are bombarded with messages about what is healthy to eat and what is not. Each of us knows that burgers and fries are not real healthy and a piece of broiled chicken breast with some steam veggies is healthful. Eating mindfully should be part of all our habits but it’s not unfortunately. If you keep the notion of eating healthy (eat mindfully) in your thoughts you will make better choices.  Don’t let your stomach talk you out of being healthy.



Set the Custom alert to remind you to go for that walk after lunch.



Set for 2 times per day.



Now just put your iphone or iPod touch in your pocket and let the app run.


The proximity sensor will turn the screen off and not waist the battery. The Pedometer will be counting your steps and record your totals for the day.



The alerts will trigger throughout the day. Either confirm or dismiss the alert. You are only cheating yourself if you say you did it but didn’t.



The totals for the step count and alert totals are saved in the app so you can email your summary to your Dietitian, Doctor, Mother, Father, Significant other…You get the picture, people care about you, they want to see you stay healthy.



A phone call comes in or text message… you can answer from the alert screen as you would normally.


Don’t forget to go back into the Mylil’Coach to keep the step counter and alerts current. If you forget, the alerts are still there, they will all trigger the next time you enter the app but apple will not allow us to keep the pedometer active on the device once you exit the app.



Your first day with Mylil’Coach…


Keep up the good work, studies show that making changes in your daily life with a gentle reminder is easier than just going alone.




What else can I use Mylil'Coach for?

  • The custom alert setting was created for those who want to make there training regiment more interesting like doing intervals. Set the Alert to trigger every 1000 steps to alert you to do pushup, sit-ups, or sprint during your run.
  • Set the Reminder to call your significant other and tell them you love them.
  • Use the pedometer to track your daily steps, to well being
  • Send the results of your activities to your nutritionist or healthcare provider to show them your compliance level with making healthy lifestyle changes.

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