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What else can I use Mylil'Coach for?

  • The custom alert setting was created for those who want to make there training regiment more interesting like doing intervals. Set the Alert to trigger every 1000 steps to alert you to do pushup, sit-ups, or sprint during your run.
  • Set the Reminder to call your significant other and tell them you love them.
  • Use the pedometer to track your daily steps, to well being
  • Send the results of your activities to your nutritionist or healthcare provider to show them your compliance level with making healthy lifestyle changes.


How do suspend the MylilCoach App?

  • Once you put the iPhone in your pocket the screen will go dark, but the app still runs so the pedometer and alerts keep coming.

Why dosn't the application stay active when I exit the app?

  • Apple is very strict when it comes to app's running in the foreground. The timers will still continue in the background, they just won't alert you live.
  • Turn the app on each morning, and begin using the reminders. If you happen to close the app, no worries, the schedule is already built and any alerts you miss will come back that day. 
  • Best practice is to turn it on and really work to meet the goals you set for yourself. Be concise about your health.


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