What is My Lil'Coach

The MyLil'Coach iphone application is your partner in reaching your goal of a healthy lifestyle

My Lil'Coach was developed by a well respected  Registered Dietitian for patient compliance monitoring and lifestyle change.


Achieving the goal of health promotion, disease prevention and weight management is a complex one.  There are many components to it.  First, identify the problem; second determine the solution, third following through with the solution.  Many individuals have the problem identified by their health care professional, the solution may take on many forms; education via books, articles, and health professionals.  Many individuals will state that they know what they are supposed to do but they just have trouble following through.  The change in behavior is an ongoing process; a process of taking a bad habit, substituting in a good behavior and practicing that good behavior until a new healthier habit has been formed.  In other words, being consistent with the behavior change – this is where many individuals fail.  Distractions from family and work usually interfere with their ability to focus on the task at hand.


Enter – My lil’Coach —an application for the iPod and iphone that sets specific timed intervals and displays messages to reinforce the desired behavior:


For example;


Having trouble to remembering to drink 8 glasses of water per day, program My lil’Coach will text you a message “Time to Drink Water” every 2 hours.


Under stress at work– My lil’Coach can set a  reminder to “breathe deeply” throughout the day.


Trying to improve your eating habits– My lil’Coach can be program to text message you 3 different choice of fruit per day; banana at 8am ;apple at 10am and grapes at 3pm.


Need more exercise – My lil’Coach has a built in pedometer and can be programmed to remind you to walk the halls of your office, stairs in your building or parking lot at lunch.


My lil’Coach is designed to be your portable coach, your reminder to be consistent with your healthy behaviors when life gets in the way.




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