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Mylil'Coach 2.0 for the iPhone 4 is now available on the App Store.

  • 2.0 has a new look
  • Allows the alerts to pop up even when the app is closed
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Making healthy changes, one step at a time...

It's a Reminder a Pedometer and a Coach

Studies show that behavior can be changed through the use of gentle reminders. The Mylil’Coach application was developed by a Registered Dietitian to help her patients change behavior and comply with the basics of a healthy lifestyle; eating right, drinking enough water, exercise and stress reduction.

The Mylil’Coach application reminds the user to Drink Water, Eat Mindfully, and Deep Breath throughout the day. These reminders over a short period of time change behavior, and help develop healthy habits.

Utilize the Mylil’Coach app to train yourself to drink more water, get the proper amount of exercise and eat more mindfully. The built in pedometer allows you to track your steps as part of your totals and send them to your healthcare provider daily, weekly or monthly. Take the challenge; follow the recommended guidelines for a health body, use the Mylil’Coach application for 1 week, walk 10,000 steps per day, drink 8 glasses of water a day, do the deep breathing exercises 3 times a day and eat mindfully. You will have more energy, feel less stress, sleep better and overall… feel great! **With any exercise program, check with your physician first.**

The Stoneheart News Letter

"Finding an effective health app can be a challenge because most are not reviewed by medical experts. But, consumers can identify better apps by following advice from health technology experts at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center."




The Power of the Gentle Nudge


Phone Calls, Even Voice Recordings, Can Get People to Go to the Gym


...."The study, conducted by Stanford University, belongs to a growing body of research showing that small amounts of social support,ranging from friends who encourage each other by email to occasional meetings with a fitness counselor, can

produce large and lasting gains against one of America's biggest health problems—physical inactivity."


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British Journal of Health Psychology:  February 17, 2010


120 teenage girls received daily text messages for two weeks.  Some girls got texts emphasizing exercise’s health benefits, entertainment value or both, while others just received a reminder to get active.  On average, the group logged in an additional 30 minutes of activity a week, but the girls who were reminded that fitness can be fun worked out longer and harder than those texted about healthy exercise can be.  So, I guess it’s true… girls just wanna have fun!

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